Charly Alberti at the Green Fest

Charly Alberti is the founder and drummer of Soda Stereo, the most famous band in Spanish rock history. Known as "The Beatles of Latin America", Soda's impact on the Continent's culture runs deep. Indeed, their musical influence led MTV to design a special award just for them, "MTV Most Important Band of all time in Latin America", given only once.

Besides being a consummate musician, Alberti is also a pioneer in music technology. Through cutting-edge projects during the 90's (; Cybrel Digital Entertainment, URL Magazine) and as the inventor of the Internet Time (the concept of Internet time), Charly was recognized by CNN as one of the ten most important Internet personalities in Latin America. His accomplishments led to Steve Jobs naming him the only Spanish-language Apple Master in the history of Apple Computers.

After a lifetime of achievements, Charly decided to pursue his passion: environmental causes. So in 2008, he joined Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore, in his campaign to raise awareness about global warming. Charly's participation in Gore's "Climate Project" was key to spread the message in Latin America to millions of people.

After understanding the depth of the global environmental crisis and seeing the challenges and opportunities for Latin America, Charly determined that the region needed solutions tailored to their challenges and possibilities. Thus he launched his own organization, R21, in order to channel Latin America's creativity, passion and vision for the future.

Charly is an unparalleled leader and perfectly suited for this new project, thanks not only to his wide reach but to his vast knowledge about the region, honored after 20 years of touring with Soda Stereo.